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s also.● Crosses were made of their gun-me▓tal afterwards,287 and were issued t●o the troops engaged, in commemoration of this ●act of daring.Th

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    e cost had been 7 off▓icers killed and a total loss of about 800 ●men.On the same day, General Grey sim●ilarly defeated 1200 Mahratt●as at Punniar, a battle in which the ●3rd and 50th took part, and bear thes●e names, therefore, on the colours. This ▓terminated the war.For a brief sp


    ace there was ●peace; but not for very long.The▓ endless repetition of the same causes t●hat brought about hostilities in the past histor●y of British India is almost monoton▓ous. We were next to deal with the Si▓khs in the Punjaub.Rungeet Singh, by way of be▓ing on friendly terms wi


    th his dangerous nei▓ghbour, died in 1839.Naturall▓y, domestic disturbances followed, ●and in 1844 there was a child and a regency.Th●ere often was before these wars ●of ours.Sir Henry Hardinge had meanwhile be●come Governor-General, and wit●h far-seeing wisdom introduced the railway▓,

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    and promoted many measures wh●ich both lessened the friction be▓tween the military and civil departmen▓ts of his rule, as well as introduci●ng others which ameliorated the co▓ndition of the native as well as of the Europ▓ean soldier.He might have made his reign distin●guished only by s


    uch useful and peac▓eful measures, but in this case●, the Sikhs took the offensive and fo▓rced his hand.The child, Dhuleep Singh, the n▓ominal head of the Punjaub, was too young to re▓ckon as an active factor in the ▓coming, or rather existing, complication▓s at Lahore.His ambitious mi?/p>

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    駈isters or chieftains saw thi●s, and thought the time had come for ●a war of rapine.This is what Hardinge had▓ to face soon after he assume●d the reins of command. The Sutlej separat▓ed the two States and the two armi▓es, and the Governor-General was▓ reluctant to believe that t●he

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    Sikhs would take the offensive.But th●ey did, and crossed the river in ▓December 1845 with 60,000 men, and so inv▓aded British territory.To this there ▓could be but one reply.Sir Hugh Gough, the Co●mmander-in-Chief, hurried to the front, and ●with him went Sir Henry Hardinge, who was th

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    ▓e political chief, but, by s●eniority, his military subordinate. 288 The● opponents first met at Moodkee, ▓on the 18th December 1845.Gough’s force had ▓marched twenty-two miles.Be it ●remembered, again, that this was no●t when uniform was comfortable, and kit was ca●rried, and amm

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    unition and weapons were bo●th light.Such a march nowadays would call for● letters in the Times.Then it was different.● The story of the army in the past is w●idely different from that of the army● in the present, as far as mar▓ching, and in heavy marching order, is conc▓erned.The loss


in the campaigns before 1870,▓ too, was excessive; but nobody▓ dreamed of talking big about i▓t.Now, a very small percentage of me●n hit is magnif


ied, and all the pape?/p>

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lk of it. When this l


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march was finished,

and th

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e▓ alarm sounded, the dinner preparations were dro●pped, and the men of that time went to fight be●fore feeding.And bloody was the contest.Ther●e were

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on the British side twelve batta▓lions and some batteries.The Sikhs ●were so strong that to all intents and purposes ●the British army formed but

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